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What my clients say

It’s hard to put into words the positive impact Solution Focused Therapy had for me because the change to my life was so big. Small and easy changes after each session transformed my life without any negative emotional impact. I have tried other therapies before where you sit and talk about your past and they have just made things harder and felt patronising.


My relationship with myself is healthier than it’s ever been and the anger and hurt I carried around for so many years ebbed away week after week until it was completely gone. All the weight and pain I carried around is no longer with me and it’s as if a big weight has been lifted. I make positive decisions now and teach others how to look at life this way too. I have told several friends about Solution Focused Therapy because I genuinely believe it can save lives.

JS, Bath

After each session I have with Catherine, I leave feeling happier, wiser and more in control, with ideas and solutions for problems I have. I've found Solution Focused Therapy enlightening and extremely helpful.

SH, Bath

Daisies by Robin Spielmann at Unsplash

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support since we started our sessions. It feels like enormous changes have taken place and I am just so grateful for your help. It’s amazing to see how much has improved and how differently I am now feeling. You have been so easy to talk to and so incredibly warm and kind in your approach. I’m so pleased I made the decision to have solution based therapy as it has been transformative.

LH, Bath

Catherine's warm and friendly approach is welcoming and reassuring. She has helped me recognise the things I do that help me to overcome my barriers and see the progress that I have made. As a result I feel more confident to move forward and make positive changes in my life.

R, Bath

Daisies by Rodion Kutsaev at Unsplash
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