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In my counselling work, I use a 'Solution Focused' approach, which offers an uplifting and effective way to help you feel more confident and able to handle challenges that have got too much for you. In our sessions we work together to:

  • Map out in detail how you want your life to be different

  • Identify and develop your unique strengths and resources to move you forward

  • Clarify your priorities, values and goals for the future you want

  • Explore ways to get to what you want, working from a mindset free of a sense of problem and frustration

  • Find ways to improve your life that are uniquely right for you

​​I believe the process of coming through problems is one that should feel supported, inspired and empowering. I also believe the amount of time spent in counselling should be as short as reasonably possible, so you can get on with living as you want as soon as you possibly can. Find out how my sessions can help you come through problems you have with mental health, parenting and teens, relationships and life transition.


We all need solutions for challenges we have. I can help you find those solutions that are just right for you, exploring and building on your personal strengths and resources to get there. Prepare to be inspired!

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