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As a counsellor, I’m inspired by deep belief in the power that we all have to make our future better. I know from my own experience what it’s like to overcome life challenges and my counselling approach reflects my knowledge of what we need to improve things we want to change: acceptance, understanding and a deep, positive commitment to finding new ways of living, even when things seem beyond repair.

In the course of my own life, I’ve known the need to put negative influences behind me and find new ways of thinking and handling things. Understanding the importance of such change makes me really passionate about the uniquely positive therapeutic approach I use, which focuses on helping you find and develop your personal strengths, achievements and best hopes for a life you want to be living.

My approach is collaborative, respectful, warm and passionate about your right to live happily as you want. So why not contact me to discuss your needs in your own, no-obligation initial call.


Knowing what it’s like to come through my own life challenges, my goal is to help you find inspiration, motivation, confidence  and a sense of power that you can make things different.

Professional background


Since 2008, I’ve worked supporting people's mental health and wellbeing in Bath UK. With a dedicated training in Solution Focused counselling techniques, I offer an approach that works flexibly and efficiently to improve problems with mental health, relationships, parenting and life progression. As a mental health professional, I’ve worked supporting vulnerable adults at Bath charity DHI, as well as young adults and teens as a Listening Support Worker at Off the Record, Bath.


Since 2018 I’ve worked as a freelance counsellor and am proud to work for Family Based Solutions, a London-based charity supporting parents of families in crisis to overcome challenges and work towards wellbeing. I currently offer support sessions also for parents and young people through Bath-based ‘Inspiring Kids’.


I’m accredited by the International Association of Solution-focused Training Institutes and a registered member of the United Kingdom Association of Solution Focused Practice.

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