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The approach I use in my counselling work deals flexibly and positively with a range of problems. Read below to see how sessions I offer help overcome challenges with:

Mental health & wellbeing

Nothing could be more important than your mental health, but problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and the effects of past life experiences can bring us to the point of standstill.


If you're looking for new ways to see yourself and live your life more positively, our work together helps you uncover personal resources, strengths and direction you need to feel happier, with simple, practical ways you can use to start a new, more realised life. Solution focused sessions offer you a respectful, collaborative way to:


  • Find inspiration and motivation for the future

  • Discover real and powerful reasons for believing in yourself

  • Build unique, personal ways to find more happiness in your life.

The 'solution focused' sessions I offer are particularly useful for problems traditionally considered 'hard to treat', including anorexia, abuse, CPTSD, suicidal ideation and mental health diagnoses, giving those affected an empowering way to make manageable, sustainable change that can leads to a life that's free, or less dominated by, the problem.

Mental health

Parenting & teens

Your children's teenage years can be challenging, and if you're having problems at the moment, you can be sure you're not alone. My experience working with parents and young people gives me a deep understanding of the stresses that can affect the dynamics of family life. If things are not as you want them to be right now, the sessions I offer can help, allowing you to tap into the most valuable, positive things about you and your family that you can use to make change you want.


If you're not sure how to handle your teen's behaviour, our sessions can help you uncover positive, practical ways to improve things, so you can restore happiness, harmony and balance in your home. Either one or both parents can take part in a session, where we explore practical, positive strategies for parenting your child that are perfect for you and your family. These sessions don't need to involve your child, but can really transform the confidence and ease with which you raise your kids, in a shorter time often than you could have thought possible.

Counselling for teenagers

Being a teenager isn't easy and it's so important to support young people as they move to adulthood. Sessions I offer allow young people to focus on things they want to be better, including mood, behaviour, family relationships, friendships and pressures at school. The solution-focused approach I use in sessions is especially valuable in helping young people unlock their unique inner resources and problem-solving potential, allowing them to build their confidence and resilience. Sessions also give teenagers time to express what they may have trouble understanding themselves, reducing stress, anger and negative behaviour they show to those around them. Only a few may be needed to see them happier and back on track.

Parenting & Teens

Couples counselling

Conflict in relationships is so very normal and it really is possible to come through difficulties you're having, no matter how bad things feel right now.

At Solution Counselling, 'marriage guidance' sessions wok to help you build the future you want as a couple, with a focus on re-connecting to what you loved most about each other at the start of your relationship.  This positive starting point allows you to develop new ways of relating now, ways that reflect who you are as individuals and the things you want most together.

The sessions I offer allow couples to avoid the painful conversations of blame and recrimination that can make other kinds of relationship counselling negative and ultimately unsuccessful. Instead, in our counselling sessions we work to:​​

  • Identify unique relationship strengths you can use to build a better life together

  • Share dearest hopes you have for your relationship and build on these

  • Find those all-important positive small changes that lead you back to a loving and happy relationship

Couples counselling

Life change & transition

Do you feel there's something missing in your life? That there's more you want to be doing but don't know which path to take? Is there something you know you want to do but lack the confidence to try? Perhaps you or someone you care about are at a crossroads, experiencing a time of transition or challenge. For any of these, sessions I offer can help you:​​​

  • Identify priorities and values you want to build on for the future

  • Clarify options

  • Build your confidence and motivation

  • Uncover personal strengths and resources you can use to get the life you want

Life transition
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