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Collaborating at Work

Empower your professional practice,
with Solution Focused training

Whether you are working in a therapeutic, educational, social care or business management setting, Solution Focused techniques allow you to find and activate resources that facilitate desired change in both individuals and groups. Using Solution Focused techniques will also increase resilience, efficacy and wellbeing you experience professionally every day.  


Empowering your professional practice

Solution Focused techniques allow you to achieve your professional goals more effectively, whether you:

  • Support clients/service users experiencing mental health challenge - from stress and anxiety, to eating disorders, psychosis and suicidal ideation

  • Support people working to recover from addiction, domestic abuse and/or family breakdown

  • Support adults or young people in schools or other learning settings

  • Manage individuals and teams, especially through periods of change


Simple techniques you can use 'tomorrow'

Led by experienced Solution Focused practitioner Catherine Mallorie, your Solution Focused training will equip you with Solution Focused techniques that you can start to use tomorrow to:


  • Improve outcomes communicating with clients, patients and service users

  • Get optimum results from interactions with colleagues, managers and teams

  • Improve your professional effectiveness, confidence and wellbeing


'Tailored training to meet your needs

Solution Focused training offered can be tailored to your particular personal or team requirements, starting with, and developing from, the introductory  'Essential Solution Focus' course, which provides a foundation in Solution Focused techniques and is offered over Zoom. At the end of this course you will know how to:


  • Facilitate change that's wanted, in conversations no matter how short

  • Transform a history of problem into improvement for the future

  • Find resources and assets in people and situations, no matter how negative they seem

Between sessions, group members can consolidate their online experience with paper-based tasks and reflection and will be able to assess the context and efficacy of a Solution Focused approach in the developing science of behaviour change.

The cost per person for the 'Essential Solution Focus' is £175, with reductions for group bookings of five people or more.

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