The teens are a time of change and growth - and can be a time of challenge. When things go off-track, Solution Focused sessions help young people and their families move positively forwards together. Solution Focused sessions can be booked for young people or parents on their own, or as sessions for parents and children together.


Counselling for teenagers

Solution Focused sessions are an amazing way to harness positivity in young person's life, helping them unlock their unique problem-solving potential and unique inner resources and increasing their confidence and resilience for life. Sessions also give teenagers time to express what they may have trouble understanding themselves, reducing stress, anger and negative behaviour they show to those around them.



The Solution Focused approach helps parents find new ways to manage the teenage years, with practical, positive approaches perfect for them and their family. Solution Focused sessions give parents the chance to develop new ways to communicate and respond to challenges their child presents. The result? A happier child, happier family. 

I believe everyone should have therapy when they need it. If money is tight, contact me to discuss how sessions can be affordable for you. 

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