Things really can get better!

No matter how bad things feel, Solution Focused therapy means you can find your way out of stress, anxiety, depression and other kinds of mental health condition. Solution Focused sessions let you escape from negative ways thinking and behaving, helping you discover everything about you that's positive and can be used to build a happier life.


In a Solution Focused session you'll explore personal resources, strengths and qualities that you've been simply unaware of up till now. The feeling is so positive and empowering, allowing you to find hope from your very first session, with simple, practical ways you can use to start your happier life. Solution Focused counselling lets you:


  • Find inspiration and motivation for the future

  • Discover real and powerful reasons for believing in yourself

  • Get unique, personal ways forward to find more happiness in your life.


I believe everyone should have therapy when they need it. If money is tight, contact me to discuss how Solution Focused Therapy can be affordable for you.