Why choose Solution Focused Therapy?

If you thought that sorting things out in your life was going to be tough, with lots of looking at the past to see what caused it all, Solution Focused Therapy will come as a wonderful surprise.


That's because Solution Focused Therapy is not like other kinds of counselling. It doesn’t focus on the past and problems there as a way to make things better in future. In Solution Focused Therapy there is the chance to talk about past problems as much as you need but then the focus is on the future, and how you can make your life so much happier than it is now.


From your first Solution Focused session, you'll start to see your life from a completely new and positive point of view. You'll identify what it is you need to be happy and everything you already have that will allow you to do this. This feels so great to do: empowering, encouraging, inspiring you to be your true best self, even with challenges you encounter.


Because of this future focus, Solution Focused Therapy is amazingly efficient, with many people getting results they want in just six sessions or less. Solution Focused Therapy is a powerful, positive way to overcome:

I believe everyone should be able to get therapy when they need it. If money is tight, contact me to discuss how Solution Focused Therapy can be affordable for you.