What is Solution Focus?

You're reading this because something needs to change. For you, or someone you care about, there needs to be more that works: more happiness, more wellbeing, more growth. That’s what Solution Focused sessions are all about.

Solution Focus is different. Unlike other approaches, Solution Focus does not spend lots of time exploring and dwelling on ‘the problem’, things that aren’t working for you. When you come to Solution Focused sessions, you may want to share and discuss the thing that’s been troubling or blocking you in your life. But in Solution Focused counselling and coaching we make sure to spend time also uncovering all the things you do, and can use, to make things better. Solution Focused sessions help you re-connect with your true self: your unique personal strengths, values and vision for how you want to live. With this new understanding, you start to find your own unique and achievable ways to get the change you want.


What can Solution Focused sessions help?

Solution Focused Therapy is a powerful way to overcome:


What's a Solution Focused session like?

Solution Focused sessions feel good. During a session I’ll ask lots of questions, all of which are designed to help you realise for yourself everything you do that works. This can come as a surprise! Problems and obstacles may have become so permanent-seeing that you can’t imagine yourself being part of the solution. Solution Focus works to transform that state of mind, giving you a new view of yourself and a powerful understanding of what you’re able to do to improve things for the future. 


How long does it take?

Solution Focused sessions concentrate on helping you find ways to get what you want right from the very first session. For that reason they are exceptionally time-efficient. Many people get the results they want from Solution Focused work in around ten sessions - and often less. You can have sessions as often as you want or space them out over time to fit your progress. You're the one who decides when the work is finished and you’re ready to continue your new life independently.

I believe everyone should have therapy when they need it. If money is tight, contact me to discuss how Solution Focused Therapy can be affordable for you.