Why choose Solution Focused Therapy?

If you thought sorting out your life was going to be tough, Solution Focused Therapy will come as a glorious surprise! Why? Because SFT is so very different from other kinds of counselling.


In a Solution Focused session you get an extraordinary chance to map out, and start to get, the future you want. There's always time to talk in a session about past problems, challenge and trauma, for as long as you need. But then the focus shifts to the future and how you can  make life better, starting today.


What can Solution Focused sessions help?

Solution Focused Therapy is a powerful way to overcome:


What's a Solution Focused session like?

Solution Focused sessions are amazing! Positive and empowering, you'll leave each one with a new view of yourself and the life that you are leading. You'll find yourself answering lots of questions, questions that help you clearly identify the things you need to be happy - and the unique personal strengths and resources you already have to begin the process of change.


How long does it take?

Because of its future focus, Solution Focused Therapy is exceptionally efficient, with many people getting results they want in just six sessions or less. Don't be surprised if you need fewer sessions than you thought - or a couple more: every person is different. But you're the one who decides when you're ready to stop sessions and continue your new life on your own.

Everyone should have therapy when they need it. If money is tight, contact me to discuss how Solution Focused Therapy can be affordable for you.