Why would you want Solution Focused Therapy?

Imagine you get a present. You open it and you love it. This present is so perfect for you it’s like you chose it yourself.


Now there's another present. This too is amazing, just what you need, something that will make an amazing difference to your life.


This present is joined by another. And another. Now all you see in front of you are new, unexpected things so right for you, so useful for your life that you’re delighted and amazed. The only question is why didn’t you get these wonderful presents sooner.


All this discovery, all this pleasure. That’s what having a Solution Focused conversation is like!


Solution Focused Therapy is not like other therapies. It doesn’t focus on the past and problems there, though you can talk about these when you need to. After that, the focus shifts to the future and how you’re going to make your life so much better than it is now.


From your first Solution Focused session, you'll start the process of rediscovering your life from a completely new and positive point of view. You'll identify what it is you need to be happy and everything you have already that will allow you to get it. People love this experience!


The Solution Focused approach is so efficient that people get the results they want from the therapy on average in just six sessions or less. And, unlike other kinds of counselling, the process is so positive that people leave Solution Focused sessions feeling happier and more empowered than when they went in.


Solution Focused Therapy is a powerful, positive way to overcome:

I believe everyone should be able to get therapy when they need it. If money is tight, contact me to discuss how Solution Focused Therapy can be affordable for you.